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1.4.3 Legal Planning Meetings


This chapter explains the two types of Legal Planning Meetings. Those planned as part of longer-term intervention and those held in response to an emergency situation. There are separate processes for each type of meeting.


This chapter was slightly amended with new contact details in June 2014.


  1. Longer Term Legal Planning Meetings
  2. Response to an Emergency

1. Longer Term Legal Planning Meetings

Team managers must obtain agreement from their head of service before an LPM is arranged.

A request for an LPM should be submitted to Elaine Hawkes, the LPM coordinator who will allocate a date and time slot for the meeting. LPM’s are held bi weekly.

The SW will obtain and circulate any assessment reports (e.g. psychiatric; medical; Thackeray Drive), case synopsis and chronology to attendees at least two working days prior to the meeting.

LPM’S will be attended by Harriet Jannetta - Head CLAFH (Chair) and in her absence another designated HOS, Solicitor from Legal, social worker and manager presenting case and note taker.

The note taker will circulate an agenda to legal and the Chair at least two working days prior to the meeting.

At the meeting a standard procedure will be followed. The Chair will recommend, in the light of legal advice as to options available, whether and if so what applications will be made, whether and if so what interim orders will be sought, interim care plan (in headline terms), assessment proposals, and whether there is to be an immediate application, assessment under the PLO see Care and Supervision Proceedings and Public Law Outline Procedure, or no application at that stage. Tasks will be identified, with timescales and responsibilities assigned.

If a decision to issue proceedings is contingent upon senior management endorsement that will be made clear by the chair.

Schools, including pre-school provision, must be informed of any endorsed decision to issue proceedings. It is the responsibility of the allocated social worker (or in their absence the responsible Team Manager) to notify the school (or pre-school) of each child who is to be subject to an application to court within 24 hours of the decision being made.

The minutes and legal memo will be circulated to attendees and appropriate heads of service within 7 days of the meeting and uploaded onto Protocol by the coordinator. The LPM monitoring spreadsheet will be updated.

The Business and finance manager, Helen Carroll must be notified via email by the TM concerned when legal proceedings are issued and she will arrange for the LPM monitoring spreadsheet to be updated and reviewed on a monthly basis showing the costs for proceedings.

The spreadsheet will be presented at CTMT on a quarterly basis by Helen to be monitored.

2. Response to an Emergency

As section 1 except that there might not be a chronology available and there may need to be flexibility as to venue/ Chair/ note taking. The SW must obtain confirmation from Harriet Jannetta and in her absence their HOS, that an emergency meeting is required. Emergency LPM’s can be chaired by Harriet Jannetta or Head of Service for the area concerned. The SW is responsible for arranging the time, location, circulation of papers and completing and uploading the record of outcome of emergency meetings.

See Preparing for Care and Supervision Proceedings (Ministry of Justice, August 2009).